The Homosexual Disease and Rage

Thank you to Reed whose blog at covered a story on a 14 year old boy murdering his 15 year old gay classmate.

Hate crimes against humans. This is where rage and people killing people comes in. Shouldn’t we all just be humans? But we’re not. Some are gay, some are white, some are black, some are atheist, some are mentally handicapped, some are physically handicapped, some are old, some WILL BE OLD SOMEDAY, some are Jewish, some think sex is for procreation only, some where dreadlocks, some have tattoos, some think that prayer will bring them closer to God.

There is some of everything.

I though that was the point.

But some see homosexuality as a plague. THE WORST PLAGUE that has ever dominated the earth.

Or atheism…is that a plague?

This is Robert Neville in “I Am Legend” failing to recognize those who are different as essentially human. He kills them. They kill him.

A boy who has been told that homosexuality is wrong and different and that gays and lesbians are a plague…he envisions himself as LEGEND. He envisions himself as RIGHT. There is no right, not in this world.

So he takes a gun to school and shoots a classmate. Reed called it a “Homophobic Rage” — rage against a diseased individual??


Homosexuality is not the disease….RAGE is the disease.

Rage–from rabies. Rabid, seething, foaming, diseased. Rage=Disease.

We’re all infected with something.



  1. Hey,

    Just thought of this- dunno how germane it is to the discussion, but maybe there are some interesting observations to be gleaned: in the TV series ‘Queer as Folk,’ there is a diegetic comic book called ‘Rage,’ about a gay superhero who protects queer folks who are targeted by gay-bashers. It’s based on the experiences of one of the fictional characters on the show.

    Maybe you know of this already- though I’d mention it.

  2. I have heard of that show, but not seen any of it. Thanks for the tip. Very interesting indeed.

    The Rage Virus is everywhere.

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