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Well, while we are on the subject of rabies…

There is apparently an outbreak of rabies in Venezuela. 

“Preliminary studies of the latest outbreak that killed at least 38 Warao Indians in northeastern Venezuela indicate that it may be a type of infectious rabies transmitted by bites from bats, according to indigenous leaders and researchers from the University of California at Berkeley.”

The article goes on to say that the same group of Indians suffered from an outbreak of Cholera in the early 1990s that killed nearly 500 people. 

These people certainly don’t abuse the earth the way we do, nor do they have the love of technology and advancement that is tearing our society apart. But yet they suffer from the physical disease. We are infected in a different way, but it is a way the kills us much slower than the Warao Indians. So lack of technology and medicine can lead to a different kind of infection. Ours spiritual, theirs physical. 

It’s hard to see how that’s fair. If WE are the truly diseased ones, those who are nearly begging for own destruction…shouldn’t we be the ones nearly wiped out by rabies or cholera?


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