Zombies and Religion

Okay, I sincerely apologize for my lack of writing recently. Trying to pull together that grad application so I can continue to write about this silliness indefinitely.

While reading the Zen of Zombie, I ran into a really amusing chapter called “W.W.Z.D?” -the author, in his straightforward and quirky way mocks how sensitive people can get when you bring “Jebus” into things. And yes, he really says “Jebus” instead of “Jesus”. He points out the zombie like qualities of the Christ story…I mean hello…arose from the dead. He similarly compares Christianity in general to that of a “zombie cult”.

My favorite part is this quote, “The organization founded in his memory maintains blood-drinking and flesh-eating rituals to this day.”

In my thesis I actually used a quote from the Bible to emphasize the importance of Blood in vampire/zombie lore. But I failed to connect it to Jesus and the last supper.

So Christians maintain a ritual of consuming “Christs blood and body” and then eventually they will be resurrected….that is to say….ZOMBIES?

Also amusing, in an homage to Dawn of the Dead, was this quote: “To this day, followers of Jebus are known to congregate in malls.”

No legitimate comment on that…other than: Ahahahahah.

The final paragraph of the chapter describes the way religion “catches on” like a disease and via missionaries spreads from person to person. “Then it spreads exponentially. Like a virus.” What I love about this book…not an ounce of subtlety.

Now to my real thought. I had never considered religion a disease, but it really REALLY is. It alternatively acts as treatment for some. In epidemic people often cling to comforting things. Religion is probably the number one thing people would turn to in crisis. So this very odd thing, religion, can be both detrimental and a comfort (to some)?

How strange.

Sorry for the briefness. But enjoy it all the same!


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  1. I remember reading I think “Stranger in a Strange Land’ some years ago, and Robert Heinlein points out in it that one of the largest religions in the world has ritualized cannibalism as a central part of its practice. Hadn’t thought of that before, but it’s true.

    I wonder how much that applies to traditions like planting trees over the deceased and eating the fruit years later. Is that ritualized cannibalism too? If not, why not? How much does the cycling of energy and matter come into play? Are we not all rising from the dead as food in the nutrient cycle and feasting on those new lives?

    I dunno- musings…

    Hope the applications are going well!

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