Talk to me readers.

Okay, so with news flying around about the Swine flew and the 68 dead in Mexico (the words “potential pandemic” are also being bandied about), I think it is time that those of you who have casually read over or glanced at this blog step up and speak out. Tell me what you think about pandemic and disease or zombies and humans and social theory in general, but especially now in the context of this outbreak.

I know I have readers. I have facebook friends who come look every time I post, but never comment.

So come on, friends. Read back to other posts, put your thoughts together. I will chime in too, of course, but I want a lively discussion happening right here in the comments section!

And my usual suspects: I expect your voices to lead the way on this.

Are you afraid?

What does pandemic mean to you?

What are your thoughts on the mortality rate differences of the different strains?

What does our lack of preparation say about us? Not just the U.S., but globally.

What do you think the potential social ramifications of this are?


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  1. Afraid? Yes. Not screamingly hysterical. I don’t think about it every minute or anything like that. It’s just another risk factor in our environment. You can’t sit there and shiver over every possibility.

    A pandemic is the spread of an infectious disease across large geographical areas, involving several discrete populations. I think.

    I don’t know much about the mortality rates of different strains. It’s possible that there is another biogeographical factor involved in the Mexican fatalities. In the UK, seasonal influenza causes approx. 12,000 fatalities per year. The fatality rate of Mexican Swine Flu is, as yet, unknown. Or so I understand.

    I don’t think there IS a ‘lack’ of preparation. You can’t batten down the hatches against every possibility, what you can do is be ready to swing into action when the situation demands. In the UK there’s information on local and national websites, tv and radio are keeping abreast of events. We have anti-virals and preventative measures are as effective for this strain as any other strain.

    The social ramifications… Well, that depends. Do you mean the ramifications of alerting the public, like they were alerted to SARS and to the possibility of bird ‘flu? Or the ramifications of a pandemic with a low mortality rate or a high one?

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