NY Times Article needs a good berating…

Thanks to SophiaZoe over at A Pandemic Chronicle this morning for pointing out this schlop of a news article.

Read it and feel her glibness and sarcasm dripping off the page. It’s a little sickening. Susan Dominus really doesn’t think that the Swine Flu is a big deal. She snarkily asks her readers not to panic, because the cases of Swine Flu at Queens High School were relatively mild.

Oh! Oh, ok. Because Susan Dominus says it’s alright to breath easy, I guess we can. I guess I should stop worrying about the 100 or more dead in Mexico and the endless new cases of Swine Flu popping up ALL OVER THE WORLD. But yeah, it’s no big deal.

Listen, I wish it wasn’t! To be honest, I will be perfectly glad when it’s all over! So I can go back to writing about representational disease and zombies and figuring out how Frued might be trying to tell me that infection equals enlightenment. Trust me, I like that side of it way better…otherwise I would have majored in Biology. But I’m an English major. I can’t bring you the facts the way those people in Blog Roll can, but I can call out an unfair treatment of a situation.

So if anyone else, after reading the article, thinks that Susan Dominus is being just a little too snarky and glib over a situation where PEOPLE ARE DYING (oh, so maybe they aren’t AMERICAN, but yes there are people dying)—here is her e-mail address. Tell her.




  1. Well if they aren’t American, can you really call them people?

  2. Hey,

    It’s a little after the fact now, and I only skimmed this woman’s note, but I would have been with her then. I mean the non-swine flu kills more people on average each year than swine flu if we extrapolate. Also, I really think fear and panic do us a disservice, because they very fundamentally undermine our attempts at health.

    I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to and thinking about Bruce Lipton and the new field of epigenetics and what’s broadly called ‘New Biology,’ which speaks to this a bit. What’s relevant here is that when we are in a state of stress, or fear, we suppress our immune system. The analogy Lipton gives us, ‘If you’re running from a lion, your body mobilizes all the energy it can and puts it toward our muscles to allow us to get away from that lion. It takes that available energy away from other systems, such as our immune system, since the more pressing danger is not a strep throat, but the lion.’ This all makes sense from a biological perspective, and it also makes sense from a health-maintenance perspective that we should avoid stress, or find ways of navigating stress that allow us to recalibrate our tuning forks to live in a high-stress world without continually taxing our immune systems.

    Anyway- have I misunderstood the severity? Is it a bigger deal than maybe I recognize?

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