Swine Flu Roundup

Hi! I’m Reed.

* I’ve spent the past two days looking at the Twitter Search page for swine flu and #swineflu and I’m thoroughly enjoying the ignorance of diseases displayed by the Tweeple.



* These graphs are from Daily Kos, of all places:

This is where we were on Saturday:


This is where we were on Monday:


So that little line moves a few pixels to the right and the world stops turning for 80% of the morons on the Internets.  FLYING PIG MEXIFLU!!!  OMGZ!!!!!11!  I IS BECOMES DEATH DESTROYER OF SWINEZ!!!1!!!1!!one!!!  amidoinitrite??

*Here are some fun articles showing interesting side effects and fatuous misconceptions of the Swine Flu breakout:

AP: Israeli Jews find the name Swine Flu offensive and non-Kosher.

Daily Kos: Will Republicans stop filibustering Kathleen Sebelius’ nomination as Secretary of Health and Human Services thanks to Swine Flu outbreak? (Of course they won’t.)

Friendly Atheist: Atheism is more popular than Swine Flu for NYT readers.

Republican Faith Chat: God hates America, Mexico, idolotry and progessives, so He created Swine Flu

XKCD: Swine Flu exposes Twitidiocy

Roanoke Times: VA Gov. Tim Kaine declares state health emergency even though there are no cases of swine flu in VA

– Reed Braden

Oh!  And I has a blog!  KTHXBAI!


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