Okay, okay. I know. I was doing so well there for about a month. Slacker. Been a weird month, give me a break.

But I guess WHO has officially declared a pandemic. So I’m curious to everyone’s thoughts on this.

I haven’t really been following because…well…no one else really has either…right? I mean it’s kind of fallen out of the news…

I wonder if this will cause a reboot in news and panic?

Nearly 30,000 infected, but only 141 confirmed deaths….

I don’t know what to make of this really.

Thoughts, words, rants, questions, fantasies, delusions?



  1. I don’t think people will really start to care about it, per se, until it actually starts effecting them. Americans have this tendency to be very self-centered and refuse to look at the global situation. The reason it’s fallen out of the news is because it’s more of a Mexico and Asia problem right now.

    Just like Sub-Saharan Africa has been under an onslaught of life-threatening pandemics for the past 15 or more years where America has largely turned its gaze away from, China and Mexico just aren’t important when Americans are too concerned with the economic crisis.

    Which leads to the further point that we’re a bit selfish. Other nations kind of see us as their Grandchild of sorts, so they hate us when we’re doing okay and making asses of ourselves, but they rush in when we’re going under…because it’s some sort of reflection on their noble pasts or something. ON the other hand, the United States would let pandemics wipe out China and Africa because, frankly, it’s not their concern.

    yeah…that’s my two cents on the subject. ^__^

  2. I have to say I agree. There will be some that panic (the already panicked folks) but most won’t care till it’s in our backyard. (oh…but wait….isn’t that Mexico?)

  3. School closed here because of cluster of cases meant less than 20 percent of kids were in attendance.

    Niece attending there has flu symptoms. I am visiting and have offered care/love wondering how differently I would be responding if I “knew” fatality or severe disability consequences were expected for her as afflicted or for me as her comforter? A little pause or hesitancy for my reflection, but, the same attentiveness, compassion and care for well-being…. oh, i get it… just do it with more consciousness about protective measures…

    This experience showed me up close and personal that LOVE is the most contagious narrative of all….. Let’s spread that around!

  4. I hear that Pamela!! Spread the love!!!

    A co-workers son had the swine flu without even knowing it. They told her he had mono…it was before swine flu had hit the news apparently.

    I realize that it’s serious. It’s the first pandemic in what….40 years? More? But it doesn’t warrant a panic…not unless the mortality rate were to spike uncontrollably. Then there would be room for panic…

    I’m not sure though. Keep it coming.

  5. I had the Swine Flu, legit
    It wasnt a huge thing, alot of people have it, It’s no different than the actual flu, it was just causing stink cuz it was new and they didnt have a vaccine, but now we do, so its fallen out of the news.

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