Beware the Vampire (Bat)

I’ve got a really great post brewing to get this school year kicked off right and to get the Contagious Narrative back in motion — but for now enjoy this tiny little tidbit…

Hey remember not too long ago when I posted a very short article that sort of haphazardly mentioned a few more than normal cases of rabies in Venezuela and Peru? Hey, hey! It’s the vampire bat—go figure!

Short article and clip from National Geographic HERE

No wonder rabies is the new infectious disease being tossed around in plague narratives. Look at the recent film Quarantine or Chuck Palahniuk’s Rant.

Rabies. Hmph. How long have I been trying to say it’s not that much different from the vampiric infection or Rage for that matter? After all, let’s remember that rage and rabies share their etymology.

These Peruvian bats kill for sustenance, for survival – but the people they then infect…”the droolers” as Palahniuk calls them – their actions are no longer their own. Whatever ranting, raving, drooling madness they become…they are not themselves. They are other.

Okay, enjoy! (Like a said…teaser…tidbit) – I’ll be back, hopefully by Monday, with a brand new (longer) spiffier entry to really give the CN a jump start for the school year!


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  1. Nice can’t wait for more

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