About the Author

I am a graduate student at New York University working on a Master of Arts centered around Infectious Disease in Film and Literature. My main areas of study are going to include: Global Public Health, Anthropology, Art and Public Policy, and Bioethics.

I am a reader, writer, musician, knitter, traveler, atheist, daughter, sister, granddaughter, and friend. I’m sure there is more than that, but it is enough to start with.

I hope you’ll join me in my research by leaving comments or contacting me.



  1. You are also a granddaughter, but an atheist? Who knew?

    • good call on granddaughter, added that! 😉

      and yes, i am an atheist. i think it would be clear why i wouldn’t broadcast that at family get togethers, but yes…i identify more with secularism/humanism. i’m pretty open about it! and i’m open to everyone’s beliefs and opinions, this is just what i find works for me! ❤

      • And, yes, her mother has known for quite some time and also chose not to broadcast. However, would not hide the fact either. I am proud of her for being comfortable having her own beliefs. I am not quite as open or feel quite as strongly but am definately pretty comfortable with being labeled “agnostic”. I’d say that would probably fit me best.

      • Awwwwkward. Interesting, under the circumstances. Not a judgment, just an observation. WWJD?? I wonder. I love you!!

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