I disagree with the CDC

Hi.  Reed here.

The CDC put out a report, according to Breitbart.com, saying that “Swine Flu Parties” are a bad idea.

Initial reaction:  Whaaa???

PigVaginaKleenex Then, I got to this part:

"It’s a big mistake putting individuals and children at risk, and the CDC does not recommend that people follow that course," he said.

The idea, which reportedly first surfaced on speciality Internet sites, comes from "chickenpox parties," where sick children infect healthy ones with the chickenpox virus.

Parents who do this usually oppose vaccinating their children, or want them to have stronger immunity against more virulent strains.

Reaction:  Oh fuck me.  Jenny McCarthy, if I ever meet you, I will kick you in the testicles.

I’ve given a little bit of thought to these parties where, according to Wonkette, “you invite somebody infected with the dread swine flu and then roll around on that person’s dirty Kleenexes,” and I must say that I now disagree with the CDC.

These parties are a fabulous idea!

If you’re dumb enough to think that purposefully infecting yourself and your children with a lethal virus about which we only understand a little bit, please be my guest and invite as many of your Aniti-Vax friends. Avoid bringing your children, but if you must, at least we get their portions of your genes out of the gene pool too.

Honestly, we were evolved to love and nurture our children while protecting them from harm.  Without that instinct, we wouldn’t be alive.  If you’re perfectly willing to put your children in direct exposure to a virus about which we know very little but which has killed 44 people, there is something mentally–and probably genetically–wrong with you.  Please exit the gene pool.


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